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Friar Beyond The Pale
Wilfrid McGreal O.Carm

The life and insights of Elias Lynch are presented to us by Fr Wilfrid McGreal O Carm. Fr Wilfrid is the Parish Priest and Carmelite Prior of Faversham in Kent where Fr Elias ministered for more than thirty years and established the National Shrine of St Jude. Through his letters to fellow friars and through his Carmelite Newsletter, Fr Elias communicated his heart and soul to readers throughout the world. At a time when the Carmelite Order, the Church and society were in constant change, Elias shares with us his personal reflections in a way that is at once poignant, often humorous and always warm.

St Albert's Press


The Sound of Silence:
Joseph Chalmers O.Carm

Elijah, the prophet of Carmel, was a man of prayer and action who experienced God's word in the sound of silence. Drawing on the ancient traditions underlying the practices of Lectio Divina (holy reading) and centering prayer, Fr Joseph shares with us how to listen contemplatively to God's word in the Bible and in the silence of our hearts.

Saint Albert's Press

God Alone Suffices
Jean-Jacques Antier

This biography recounts Teresa of Avila's life in vivid detail, from her earliest years as a romantic and worldly young woman to her passionate love for Christ and subsequent efforts to refound the Carmelite Order.

Pauline Books and Media

Prophet of Carmel

Jane Ackerman

I.C.S. Publications

Our Lady of the Place
Mary in the History of Carmel

Emanuele Bogle, O.Carm

This is an aid to understanding the Marian dimension of Carmel. This book is a useful guide for those who wish to study, reflect and appropriate whatever relates to her whom Carmelites invoke and experience as Patroness, Mother and Sister.


Bread of Heaven
A treasury of Carmelite Prayers and Devotions
On the Eucharist.

Compiled by Penny Hickey O.C.D.S.
Ava Maria Press

At The Fountain of Elijah
Wilfrid McGreal O.Carm.

For many of us, our understanding of the Carmelites is limited to the lives and times of the sixteenth-century Spanish mystics, Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross. However, Wilfrid McGreal shows that if we want a way into Carmelite spirituality, and to know what it has to say to people at the turn of the Millennium, we need to go back to the origins of the 'family'. How has the vision of the pilgrims and hermits who settled on Mount Carmel been sustained for some eight hundred years? What is the key to it, and how has it been re-imagined in different eras and cultures?

D.L.T. £8.95

Land of Carmel
Elizabeth Ruth Obbard

This book will give you an insight into the Order of Carmel concentrating especially on the early years when it began as a small group of hermits in the time of the Crusades.

Gracewing £7.99

Carmel and Contemplation
Transforming Human Consciousness
Ed. Kevin Culligan O.C.D.
Regis Jordan O.C.D.

The essays in this volume of Carmelite Studies, written by nine outstanding teachers of Christian Mysticism and Carmelite Spirituality, trace the historical development of Carmel's contemplative tradition, elucidate it with contemporary theological and psychological insight, and explain its practice in concrete detail.

I.C.S. £12.95

The Springs of Carmel
Peter Slattery, O.Carm

In this book Peter Slattery gives a refreshing account of the Carmelite Spiritual tradition and the important people who have shaped its history, including Elijah, Mary, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Therese of Lisieux, Titus Brandsma and Edith Stein.

St. Pauls £7.95

The Ten Books On The Way of Life And Great Deeds Of The Carmelites Written by Felip Ribot O.Carm
Ed. And Trans. Richard Copsey O.Carm

In these ten books it will be possible to learn enough of the truth about the Carmelites so as to devoutly study the beginning, progress and growth of their Order, the admirable qualities of its founders and earliest members, the eremitical monastic way of life and its purpose and the blessed reward gained by those who live it worthily.

St. Alberts Press £10.00

Carmel in Britain Vol. 3
The Hermits from Mount Carmel

Richard Copsey, O.Carm

This book highlights the medieval Carmelites literacy and spiritual achievements whilst reassessing preconceptions about the Order's historiography.

St. Alberts Press £17.50

Captive Flames
James McCaffrey OCD

This book is focusing on five key figures in the Carmelites and shows us how Carmelite Spirituality is based on experience not theory and this leads to a fuller understanding of God's love for us all. The five key figures being Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Elizabeth of the Trinity, Edith Stein, and Therese of Lisieux.

Veritas £9.20

The Spiritual Genius of St.Therese of Lisieux
Jean Guitton

Jean Guitton captures the special essence of Therese of Lisieux and this results in an intimate portrait of the intellectual charm and spiritual vision of the saint.

Burns and Oates

Love in the Heart of the Church
Christopher O'Donnell O.Carm

Father O'Donnell examines various intuitions of St. Therese such as Communions of Saints, charisms, practical charity, intercession, suffering, missions, priests, faith, purgatory, martyrdom the saints and Mary. He suggests that the development by St. Therese of these and other topics is especially significant today for a renewed and vital vision of the Church.

Veritas £7.60

St. Therese of Lisieux Her last conversations.
Tr. John Clarke O.C.D.

Those who attended St. Therese of Lisieux during her last illness were living in the company of one of God's "greatest" saints, one prepared for our times. Fortunately for us, they did not simply listen to her conversations, they wrote them down; totally unaware that eventually a great multitude of yet unborn friends of St. Therese would hunger for her words.

I.C.S. £10.95

Aspects of Therese
Bruce Stewart

This is a study of St. Therese but not a straight biography. It considers this most popular of modern saints from a number of specific angles - Therese and the Pursuit of Pleasure, Therese and Love, Therese and Authority etc. The treatment is certainly not solemn or pious but quite funny in parts.

St. Pauls £7.99

Smiles of God
Felicity Leng

This books shows how Therese used flowers to shape her unique vision of herself, and her relationship with God the Church and the natural world.

Burns and Oates £10.99

The Hidden Face
Ida Frederike Gorres

This study of the life and character of Therese of Lisieux is a truly extraordinary book, a remarkable, penetrating and fascinating search for the truth behind one of the most astounding religious figures of modern times. A young nun who entered the convent at fifteen and died at twenty-four.

Ignatious Press £14.95

The Making of a Modern Saint
Barry Ulanov

In this comprehensive biography Dr. Barry Ulanov has combined half a lifetime of research and devotion with his own translations of Therese's poems and prose, allowing us a personal glimpse into the life of the beloved "Little Flower of Jesus".

Templegate £12.95

St. Benedict and St. Therese
Dwight Longenecker

Fewer saints could be more different than Therese of Lisieux and Benedict of Nursia. One was a teenage girl in nineteenth-century France; the other the sixth-centry founder of Western monasticism. Benedict lived to a ripe old age and was honoured by popes and monarchs; Therese died young in the obscurity of her provincial convent. Despite their differences, the lives and writings of Benedict and Therese complement one another beautifully.

Gracewing £9.99

Adventures in Prayer
Noel O'Donoghue
Reflections on St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross and St. Therese of Lisieux

Burns and Oates £16.99

Living the Little Way of Love
John Nelson

This is a fine and beautifully written book full of charm and insight. It opens up the spirituality of St. Therese to anybody seeking an uncomplicated path to God.

New City Press £8.95

A Discovery of Love Selected spiritual writings
Ed. Terence Carey O.C.D.

Terence Carey shows that beyond her humility there is a powerful message of holiness to be discovered.

New City Press £8.95

Collected Poems of St. Therese of Lisieux
Tr. Alan Bancroft

Here for the first time ever are English translations of no fewer than seventy-two of the poems of this remarkable Carmelite Sister.

Gracewing £12.99

Insights from St. Therese of Lisieux
Jacques Gauthier

Drawing on her letters, poetry and journals Jacques Gauthier "interviews" Therese on her life, her faith and her "little way" to Jesus.

Novalis £8.99

Experience Saint Therese Today
John Sullivan OCD

The essays in this volume pay tribute to the spell she casts and mines the perennial spirit of the life-example and writings she has left us.

ICS £7.50

The prayers of St.Therese of Lisieux.
Tr. Aletheia Kane OCD

'It is the prayer; it is the sacrifice, which gave me all my strength, these are the invincible weapons Jesus has given me.'


Maurice and Therese
Patrick Ahern

The inspiring letters between Therese of Lisieux and a struggling young priest.

DLT £8.95

Therese of Lisieux
Joan Monahan

This intimate portrait brings to life the story of the pampered French girl who becomes our greatest modern saint and Doctor of the Church. The result of her struggles cleared a path to holiness for ordinary people everywhere.

Paulist £7.50

Letters of St. Therese of Lisieux Volume 2
Tr. John Clarke

General correspondence.

ICS. £14.95

Everything is Grace
The Life and Way of Therese of Lisieux

Joseph Schmidt

Joseph Schmidt has written an insightful, fresh interpretation of Therese's transformation from an overly sensitive, self-preoccupied person to one who abandoned herself in trust to a merciful God.


Edith Stein Life in a Jewish family 1891-1916
Tr. Josephine Koeppel

This initial volume of the collected works depicts Edith Stein as a child and young adult. Her text breaks abruptly because the Gestapo arrested, then deported her.

ICS £11.95

The Science of the Cross
Edith Stein

Using her training in phenomenology, she helps readers comprehend the difference in the symbolic character of cross and night and why the night symbol prevails in John. She clarifies that detachment is designated by him as a night through which the soul must pass to reach union with God and points out how entering the night is equivalent to carrying the cross.

I.C.S. £10.95

Edith Stein Her Life in Photos and Documents
Maria Amata Neyer O.C.D.
Tr. Waltraut Stein Ph.D

I.C.S. £9.95

Edith Stein Woman of Prayer
Joanne Mosley

The first part of this book presents the life of Edith Stein while going behind the well known labels - Jewess, philosopher, Carmelite nun, martyr of Auschwitz - to reveal the inner struggles of a truly inspirational person: guided in all her thoughts and actions by a constant search for the truth and the acceptance of the will of God, even when it led to the ultimate gift of herself.

Gracewing £9.99

Edith Stein Woman
Tr. Freda Mary Oben.Ph.D

Her writings are the fruit of both reflection and debate with other leaders of the Catholic feminist movement in Germany.

I.C.S. £8.95

Edith Stein self portrait in letters 1916-1942
Tr. Josephine Koeppel OCD.

Edith Stein comes alive through these warm totally attentive letters.

ICS £ 11.99

Never Forget
Tr. Waltraud Herbstrith OCD

These essays by Edith Stein's niece explore the broad spectrum of Jewish and Christian opinion on the Church's decision to canonise Edith Stein

ICS £ 9.95

Edith Stein
Sarah Borden

Sarah Borden presents an overview of St. Edith Stein's life and thoughts, beginning with a biographical chapter and then covering the major areas in which she wrote.

Continuum £14.99

Barb of Fire
John Sullivan

Elizabeth Catez, beatified in 1984, loved God with an outstanding intensity. These are a translation of poems mainly unpublished before.

Gracewing £11.99

Ascent of Mount Carmel
E.Allison Peers

The first of the Treatises of St.John of the Cross to be written.

Burns & Oates £ 17.99

  John of the Cross Selections from The Dark Night and Other Writings.

John of the Cross was a sixteenth-century Spanish Carmelite monk, mystic, and contemporary of Teresa of Avila, who became one of Christianity's foremost spiritual teachers. He is most famous for his lyrical poetry in which he beautifully describes a tender loving God.

Harper San Franscisco £6.50

The Impact of God
Iain Matthew

This fine book writes the experience of John into our lives. It's a should, a must. as a read for anyone wanting to understand the relevance of John of the Cross for today.

H & S. £6.99

Door through Darkness
St. John of the Cross and mysticism in everyday life.

Sister Eileen Lyddon

A book to aid anyone on the difficult and thrilling journey to God and yet an intriguing and insightful study of the 'mystic's mystic'.

New City £8.95

The Collected works of St.John of the Cross
Tr. Kavanaugh& Rodriguez

This is a revised edition of the English translation of his writings.

ICS £15.95

  A Fresh Approach to St.John of the Cross

This book is written with the lay person rather than the priest or religious in mind. It is pastoral rather than spiritual.

St.Pauls £6.95

Collected Letters of Teresa of Avila
Tr. Kavanaugh & Rodriguez.

Volume 1, £11.95
Volume 2 £11.95
Volume 3 £11.95

Teresa of Avila Ecstasy and Common Sense
Tessa Bielecki

The words of Saint Teresa of Avila speak to the heart so directly that even four hundred years after her death she seems like our contemporary. Few people have ever written of the spiritual path with such immediacy, down-to-earth wisdom and humour.

Shambhala £10.99

Teresa of Avila
Archbishop Rowan Williams

This book makes use of recent historical research on Teresa and her society and provides a full introduction to all her major works. It shows Teresa as more than just a chronicler of paranormal states of consciousness. She emerges as a genuine theologian in her own right with a powerful contribution to make to a contemporary understanding of God.

Continuum £8.99

Teresa of Avila
Selections from Interior Castle.

Harper San Francisco £6.50

Carmelite Prayer
Ed. Keith J Egan

This collection of essays by prominent Carmelite scholars responds to the widespread interest in the prayer that has inspired Carmelites and their followers for eight centuries

Paulist Press £16.50

I Call You Friends
Timothy Radcliffe OP
This book falls into two parts the first half Father Radcliffe writes of his own life from a privileged childhood and education at Downside to his calling to a life of poverty as
A Dominican Friar. The second half consists of a series of address and talks which the author has given to a wide range of audiences.
Seven Last Words
Timoth Radcliffe OP
This is a book of meditation and prayer and the object is to lead the reader deeply into prayer and contemplation.
Burns and Oates

What is the Point of Being a Christian
Timothy Radcliffe OP

The argument for Christian Belief in this book is profoundly Catholic and profoundly Human. But what is remarkable is the argument for and interpretation of Christian Gospel this is couched in the deep understanding of human nature and the problems and anxieties of modern men and women.
Burns and Oates
Books by Gerard Hughes
In Search of a Way

God Where are You

Walk to Jerusalem






Books by Henri Nouwen
Beauty of the Beloved

Clowning in Rome

The Genesee Diary

Sabbatical Journey








Night Fishing in Galilee
Kenneth Arnold
Kenneth Arnold offers a sustained reflection on the acquisition of patience, wisdom, and spiritual maturity. Arnold invites us to join him along with Peter and the Beloved Disciples, on a journey of inquiry. The journey towards Spiritual Wisdom.
Cowley Publications


Monastery without Walls
The Spiritual Letters of John Main

This is a complete and annotated edition of all of John Main's letters.
The Benedictine monk John Main was one of the most profoundly influential spiritual teachers of our age.
SCM Canterbury Press
The Rule of Saint Benedict
Tr. Abbot Parry OSB
This new edition of the Rule has been prepared for a general audience and comes complete with an introduction by Esther De Waal which offers a commentary both on the underlying themes of the Rule and on the contents of specific chapters.

A Life Giving Way
Esther de Waal

A Commentary on the Rule of St. Benedict


Benedict Rules
Vena Eastwood

Daily Readings of the Rule of St. Benedict.
Source Books

Call of Silent Live
A Carthusian

This is the second volume of Carthusian Novice Conferences

Finding Sanctuary
Abbot Christopher Jamison

Monastic Steps for Everyday Life
Orion Books
Heart Speaks to Heart
Wendy M. Wright
One of the warmest and most sympathetic strands in the tapestry of Christian spirituality, the Salesian tradition is a treasure many Christians have yet to discover. Heart Speaks to Heart beautifully introduces this unique spirituality in its historical length and global breadth.
Our Restless Heart
Thomas F. Martin OSA
The figure of Augustine of Hippo looms large over the history of western Christiantiy: theologian, mystic, monk, philosopher, artist, bishop, ascetic, convert, polemicist, and seeker. Augustine's distinctive spiritual vision has played and continues to play a profoundly formative role in both imagining and living the Christian Life.




On the Reliability of the Old Testament

This is an entire sweep of the Old Testament history, and introduces an impressive amount of evidence for the historical reliability of most Old Testament narrative.
Wm. Eerdmans
SCM Study Guides The Sacraments
Bible Hermeneutics

Biblical Figures
Outside the Bible
The most comprehensive study to date on major biblical figures and the later traditions that developed about them.
Trinity Press
Africa and the Bible
Edwin Yamauchi
Sensitive both to Afrocentric interests and to data from Ancient Egypt and elsewhere this work reveals Professor Yamauchi's brilliant multidisciplinary competence.
Baker Academic
Old Testament World
John Rogerson and Philip Davies
This is a useful introduction both to modern study of the Old Testament and to the history and religion of Israel critical in stance and aware of the limitations of modern knowledge.
T & T Clark
Is the Bible Fact or Fiction
Barbara E. Organ
Is the Bible Fact or Fiction? Provides a clear explanation of how to read the Bible both as history and as literature. It selects three very different texts to illustrate the possibilities and limits. The first comes from the first-century-AD description of the early Christian community in the Acts of the Apostles; the next from the second-century-BC dramatic portrayal of the Jewish war of freedom in the book of Maccabees; and the last from the great sixth-century-BC narratives of ancient Israel in the books of Joshua through 2 Kings.

Embracing the Fear
Judith Bemis and Amr Barrada

Learning to Manage Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I can see tomorrow
Patricia Owen

A guide for living with depression

It Will Never Happen to Me
Claudia Black

Growing up with addiction as youngsters, adolescents, adults.
A Journey through Grief
Alla Renee Bozarth
Gentle specific help to get you through the most difficult stages of grieving.
What's a parent to believe.

Stephen G. Biddulph
This book helps parents think teenage drinking through by providing important and often overlooked information on the subject.
A Day at a Time Addressing the issues and fears facing compulsive gamblers in recovery, these daily reflections and prayers remind readers of progress made and work yet to be done.
Keep it Simple Daily meditations for Twelve Step Beginnings and Renewal.
A Life of my Own
Karen Casey
Daily meditations of Hope and Acceptance
Serenity - A companion for 12 step recovery.
Complete with New Testament and Psalms.
Unconditional Love
John Powell
Unconditional Love is a permanent gift of the heart.
Thomas More
Fully Human Fully Alive
John Powell
Faith, Hope and Love makes a person fully human and fully alive
Thomas More
How to Love Again
Moving from grief to growth

John Monbourquette
Are you suffering from a deep loss in your life? How to Love Again is a book that can offer you comfort in a time of despair. It is intended to accompany you on the journey you are about to make.

Other books by the same Author - How to Forgive - How to Befriend your Shadow - How to Discover your Personal Mission


The Almost Instant Assembly Book
Sue and Christ Govus

This book provides the primary school teacher with twelve tried and tested assemblies that are ready to use. All artwork is photocopiable and designed for use with OHP's or can be enlarged for the children to colour.
Kevin Mayhew

Bumper instant art for Bible Themes
Book One

92 pages of fabulous photocopiable artwork to make this book extra special and exciting.
Kevin Mayhew

The Complete Assembly Resource Book
Mike Anderson, Martin Grace and Paul Heesome

This is a wonderful medley of materials for use in class or school assemblies, all tried and tested, beautifully illustrated and fully photocopiable.

Kevin Mayhew
In the Bag
John Wright
This contains 30 assemblies, 10 for each term, which are ideal for busy teachers, clergy or anyone who is invited into schools to take assemblies.
Kevin Mayhew
Special Times for Infants
Pamela Dew
Ready to use assemblies for 4-7 year olds based on eight original songs, with additional resource material.
Kevin Mayhew
Ugly bugs and Apple Trees
Michael Catchpool
This is a collection of stories for primary schools telling the tales of kings and farmers, tailors and apple trees, brothers and neighbours, and many more. Each story is followed by a concluding piece that explores the theme and provides food for thought for those moments of reflection in assembly.
Kevin Mayhew
Bumper Book of Assemblies
Michael Forster
New collection of 50 assemblies from our prolific children's author Michael Forster contains everything you need for lively and interesting sessions.

Kevin Mayhew


Women in Christ
Michele M. Schumacher Editor


This book shows how an anthropology rooted in Scripture and the philosophy of Aquinas can overcome the dichotomies between humanity, sexual difference, and personhood. Michele Schumacher has gathered an impressive array of European and American scholarly contributions, including her own to illuminate what John Paul II calls the 'new feminism'.




Reading the Bible in the Strange World of Medicine
Allen Verhey

In this wonderful, insightful book Allen Verhey draws on a lifetime of wise and faithful reflection on Scripture and Medical Ethics he invites us to think more deeply, with him and with Scripture, about profoundly difficult issues

The Fall and Sin
What we have become as Sinners
Marguerite Shuster

In a time when speaking of sin, 'original' or otherwise, has disappeared from the 'feel-good' ethos of our culture, Marguerite Shuster's unblinking study of the human condition reawakens our slumbering responsibility and recalls us to unsentimental hope in Jesus Christ.
At the Heart of the World
Cormac Murphy-O'Connor
The Church has often been in crisis, and is always in need of reformation. Cormac Murphy O'Connor's first book as Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster is part personal memoir and part reflection on the challenges that face the Church in the contemporary world.

Beyond Belief
Dennis Alexander and
Robert S. White

What is the relationship between science and Christian faith? Are the two mutually exclusive, or can they interact and learn from each other? Does Christianity have anything to contribute to the scientific and ethical challenges facing the world? Denis Alexander and Bob White, active in the biological and geophysical sciences respectively, introduce the debate for the interested reader.
Now and Then

Richard A Burridge and
Graham Gould
This is an exploration how traditional beliefs about Jesus have been viewed since the Enlightenment, and how they are understood today. Richard A. Burridge and Graham Gould examine which contemporary views are compatible with the Bible and with Christian traditions.

A Question of Truth
Gareth Moore OP

Christianity and Homosexuality. This book demonstrates that the antipathy of the Roman Catholic Church to homosexuality has no basis in scripture or the natural law. Cogently argued, elegantly written and brilliantly researched.


Stubborn Theological Questions
John Macquarrie

The context in which Macquarrie situates his thinking is that in which religious knowledge has been discredited and marginalized. This book falls into three broad parts. The first part discusses questions relating to God, the second poses questions relating to incarnation and the person of Jesus Christ; and the third raises questions about the sources of religious knowledge.


Science and the Study of God
Alan G. Padgett

Science and the Study of God explores the nature of informal reason and world views, the character of theology as a spiritual and academic discipline, and the question of what counts as natural science.


Tina Beattie

This provocative theological reflection challenges both secular feminists and Christian conservatives in its exploration of the role and status of women in Christianity.


Other books in the New Century Theology Series: God - Inspiration - Secularisation - Incarnation - Sin - Mary - Holiness - Humanity

Theology at the Eucharistic Table
Jeremy Driscoll O.S.B.

The studies contained in this single volume collect and present as a whole articles written by Jeremy Driscoll between 1994 and 2002 and published separately in various journals and books. These studies face particular questions in theology following the method Driscoll sets forth and develops here, a method inspired by the Eurcharistic rite for the tasks of academic theology.


Praying the Psalms
Clift & Kathleen Richards
Daily Prayer
Nick Fawcett
The Glenstal Book of Icons
Praying with the Icons
The Glenstal Book of Prayers
Benedictine Prayer Book
Just for today Daily Readings from Therese of Lisieux and
The Imitation of Christ
Too Deep for Words
Rediscovering Lectio Divina
Thelma Hall
500 Scripture Texts for Prayer
Praying the Scriptures Introduction to Lectio Divina
St. Pauls
With the Word of God
Lectio Divina
A guide for prayer in school, home or parish



This is a small selection of our Liturgical Resource Books

Preaching from the Lectionary
With CD Rom
Gerard Sloyan
In this rich and deeply informative resource, one of the most learned and insightful biblical scholars of our time provides an exegetical analysis of each lectionary passage for each Sunday and major feasts in the three year cycle.
Fortress Press

Divine Office Volumes 1-2-3

£45.00 each volume

Morning and Evening Prayer


Daily Prayer


Shorter Morning and

Evening Prayer


Sunday Missal

Weekday Missal
Weekday Missal Gold Leaf

Book of Common



Common Worship



Lauds and Vespers



Catechism of the

Catholic Church

An Anglican Catechism

A Concise Catholic Catechism



This is a small selection, other details available on request.

The New Jerusalem Bible Standard EditionRed or Black Leather
The New Jerusalem Pocket Edition CasedRed or Black Leather

The New Jerusalem Pocket



The New Jerusalem Readers



The New Jerusalem Study


The New Jerusalem Presentation White Leather




Christian Community Bible  
Life Recovery Bible The Bible for people in 12 step recovery.

Contemporary English

Version Bible

Bridesmaid-Christening-Communions-Confirmation Bibles
Good News Bibles- details on request
Cambridge University Bibles- details on Request
Oxford University Press-details on Request.

Bible Resources

Further details on request.


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