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Many of the buildings at The Friars are several hundred years old and maintenance and restoration work to keep them in good condition is an ongoing struggle. Even the simplest of repair jobs takes much time and an awful lot of money and sadly there is always a backlog of jobs.

In February 2001 the first Restoration project was launched - a million pound fundraising appeal to fund two vitally important projects - restoration of the Gatehouse which was on the verge of collapse and renovation of the North Barn which was just about in ruins. With the aid of a very generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and many other contributors we were able to complete the Gatehouse work in 2003 and the North Barn in 2005.

A decision was then taken to continue with the Restoration Fund because of the constant need here and the next project was the partial rethatching of the West Barn roof. This was completed in the summer of 2006.

We are now moving on to our fourth project which comes in three parts:

1. Rosary Way Wall - this is in a dangerous state in places and must be repaired for safety but can be done so in small sections as funds become available

2. Shrine Paving - many of the slabs on the Shrine have become loose and the whole area needs lifting and relaying.

3. Ladies Toilets - perhaps not the most inspiring project but one that all ladies will very much appreciate. The toilets by the priory are in desperate need of refurbishing as they haven't been touched since they were installed in the early 1950s.

Before work started


Gatehouse renovation completed

A pictorial record of the restoration work to the Gatehouse can be found on the button on the left - 'Gatehouse'.




Before work started


Barn completed

A pictorial record of the restoration work on the North Barn can be found on the button on the left - North Barn

If you would like to make a donation to the Restoration Fund

Any donations to the appeal can be sent to
The Prior's Secretary,
The Friars, Aylesford, Kent ME20 7BX.
Tel: 01622 717272

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