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Grounds & Gardens

Situated within 40 acres of spectacular buildings, breathtaking grounds, woodlands, formal gardens and pasture, The Friars is framed by the natural environment.

Enjoy a peaceful walk in the Peace garden or enjoy walks down Rosary Way or the Avenue. Watch the children feed the ducks at the pond. Duck feed can be purchased from either the reception or at the gift shop.

The Rosary Way

The Rosary Way is the most peaceful part of the Friars where visitors come to pray and reflect. As you wind your way through the wooded grounds towards the large shrine of the scapular vision, you are following in the footsteps of hundreds of thousands of pilgrims who have walked this trail in prayer, stopping at each of the Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary displayed along the wall.

Duck Pond

Walking back from the Rosary Way, the visitor comes to a pond full of ducks, swans and water hens. Children are allowed to feed the ducks. Duck feed can be purchased from reception or the gift shop

Peace Garden

The Peace Garden

Enter the Peace Garden through the medieval gatehouse. On entering the Peace Garden, you will find yourself in the most recently landscaped area (laid out in 2012), which has been thoughtfully designed to instil a sense of calm with its fountains, seating areas and beautiful plants. The word “peace” is translated into 300 languages on tiles at your feet, acting as a symbol of striving for peaceful integration of all in society, locally, nationally and internationally.


The concept of creating a Peace Garden was first discussed in 2006, when Jayne Hoose had used the site as a place to escape whilst suffering from ME and Jayne felt that producing the Peace Garden was a way of giving something back and providing space which would be open to all who sought the sanctuary she had found there. The fundraising was started with a gift of £1000 from local Funeral director Paul Rowland and was supported by Gallaghers who undertook the preparation of the site for the garden’s installation.


The garden takes the visitor on a journey through:

  • the hot vibrant colours of the FIRE GARDEN into
  • the calming movement of the grasses in the WIND GARDEN and finally to
  • the tranquillity of the water features and the blue/ white planting of the EARTH & WATER GARDEN.