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Our shop has a selection of religious items including Rosaries, Crosses, Statues, Prayer Cards, Souvenirs and Gifts. Some of these souvenirs will remind you of your visit to The Friars Aylesford. With every purchase, you support the upkeep of The Friars.

The Friars Aylesford is home to a small community of Carmelite Friars, who came here in 1242 and left at the dissolution of the monasteries in 1538. However they were able to return in 1949. Today, The Friars is one of Kent’s hidden treasures and in the last decade it has become more and more part of the community. Come and experience tranquillity and relaxation amidst breathtaking medieval history.

We hope you enjoy shopping online but we are also happy to take telephone orders. If you choose this option kindly ring 01622 715 575.